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Minecraft Hosting

Mine Axe is a responsive WHMCS Theme I created. I handled producing all the layouts, graphics, characters, backgrounds, HTML/CSS/Javascript, and overall direction for the site design. We also had a separate company I did graphics for called TreePuncher. Of course, the graphics were designed around the popular game Minecraft. This design was meant to make the gamer crowd feel “in their element” when signing up for Minecraft hosting with us.

Take a tour of the MineAxe website

Mobile Site

View of the site as you would see on a mobile device

mineaxe mobile

Tablet View & A/B testing

View of the site as you would see on a tablet. Also A/B testing on location of plans.

Comparison page

Comparison table of features you can get with us vs. other companies.

mineaxe comparison

Banner Ads

Fun and unique banner ads to capture the attention of the gamer crowd.

mineaxe advertisements

Additional Banner Ads

The bottom promos were used in our blog and message forums.

mineaxe advertisements 2

Promo Cards

To promote the company, I created promo cards with a discount code to pass out at related events.

treepuncher promo card

Return Receipt Secure Email

I worked with back-end php developers on this site (Cake PHP). I was responsible for the overall look and feel of the site including the HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I first made mock-ups for the design and presented a functional preview. Once it was decided, I would write the front-end code then submit my pages to a repo where the back-end developers would then take that code and plug it into their code.

Take a tour of the Return Receipt website

Home Page

Designed to inform visitors on what we do ASAP while giving the sense that their information is safe and secure with us.

return receipt homepage

Features Page

A breakdown of all the features Return Receipt has to offer.

return receipt explainer

Plans & Pricing

Comparison of all the plans. I was asked to push the “Pro” plan. If you had a selected plan already, it would grey out the entire section by adding a CSS class to that section.

return receipt pricing page


The first page you see after you log in. It shows a brief overview of your account details and activity.

return receipt overview page

HTML Email

What the HTML Email received from Return Receipt looked like.

return receipt html email

View Message

The page you see after you click to view the mail button from your Email account.

return receipt view message page

Exhibio Digital Signage

The Exhibio website was a long time project with constant tweaking and two re-designs. This version of the site had a strong focus on SEO, responsive design, visual display of what it could do, and explainer sections to help customers better understand the product. I designed and coded the site, themed the system UI, was responsible for creating template and demo scenes, and I did the training for those that purchased our system.

Home Page

Wanted to achieve a very visual home page.

exhibio homepage

Product Page

Start off with a brief visual intro. Then below a jQuery tabbed section of more in depth information.

exhibio product page

Installations Page

A place to show off some of our clients. Highlighted in each section with a visual recognition (when you hover over, logo color then shows up)

exhibio installations page

Markets Page

A brief intro on how digital signage effects each market in different industries. Also a list of featured clients and a demo scene to demonstrate potential.

exhibio markets page

Markets (mobile) Page

A display of the markets page as you would see on a mobile device.

exhibio markets mobile page


One of several different brochures given out ad various events.

exhibio brochures design


Sent out these postcards searching for new resellers and to reach out to new potential clients.

exhibio postcards design

Demo Digital Signage Scene

I created this scene to demonstrate what a restaurant might use digital signage for.

exhibio demo scene for restaurant

Demo Digital Signage Scene

I created this scene to demonstrate what a hotel might use digital signage for.

exhibio demo scene for a hotel

Demo Digital Signage System

I created the the Exhibio system UI design around an existing structure.

exhibio system theme

Demo Digital Signage System

The Exhibio system UI theme for scheduling I worked on..

exhibio system theme

Demo Digital Signage System

Manage scenes UI design for the Exhibio system.

exhibio system theme


I've worked on many projects for LocalNet & CoreComm internet services. I recoded LocalNet from the ground up making it more friendly to search engines and update the inner page design. Localnet and CoreComm hosting, advertisements, member start pages, and webmail log in sections were fully designed and coded by me. The webmail was a theme I created for Roundcube to match the member start page for LocalNet. Both companies have a large number of visitors per day to their respective sites.

LocalNet Home Page

This was similar to the original home page before I recoded it to keep a familiar feel. The inner pages were redesigned.

localnet homepage

LocalNet Roundcube Theme

The webmail theme to match the member start page.

localnet webmamil page

LocalNet Start Page

A place for customers to get news, horoscopes, weather (icons designed by me), and other info.

localnet member start page

LocalNet Advertisements

Banner ads for LocalNet promotion.

CoreComm Hosting Home Page

Web hosting website I did all the front-end development work for.

corecomm hosting site

CoreComm Hosting Comparison

Plan comparison page. The other pages looked similar to this but with more sections.

corecomm hosting comparison page

Miscellaneous Items

These are items I'd like to show but lacking enough content to give their own sections. I've included some illustrations, responsive website(s), poster(s), icon(s), and logo(s).

America Speaks

A message forum using BBpress. I also created the vector image at the top in Adobe Illustrator. Video Tour

america speaks homepage

Miscellaneous Vector Graphics

A select few vector graphics out of a great many I've made in Adobe Illustrator.

misc vector graphics

Vector Designed website

Decided to try my hand at web design using Adobe Illustrator.
Visit the Site

misc vector graphics

Spot Currency

A responsive site that was a challenge due to a low amount of content and time constraints. Note: The suitcase is a stock image. Video Tour

spot currency homepage

New Years Bar Poster

Created for a friend of mine who was DJ'ing new years eve and wanted to promote the upcoming event.

dj poster for event

File Pile Icons

Glossy icons for a website we were working on. These were created in Adobe Photoshop.

icons for filepile

Sisters of Fire Logo

Logo for a friends group, I also created a cartoon version for fun.

logo for sisters of fire

Envoy Magazine Advertisement

Magazine ad for Envoy currency exchange. One was for a local Squash tournament and the other was for a sailing event program.

envoy magazine ads

Max Hosting Site Builder

Themed the sitebuilder for Max Hosting. I also created the logo, character, and color scheme.

sitebuilder theme

Tune Sticks

An LLC I created for vinyl decals designed towards genres of music.
Visit the website

vinyl decal company

Annual Event

Every year I host a Scary Movie in the Woods event. I decided to make a website, event images, voting sheets, etc.
Visit the Site

misc vector graphics

Wireframing - Adobe XD

When it calls for it, wireframing can be very helpful when doing a presentation. Adobe XD helps me easily layout and link pages. This is for a fun side project I was showing in a meeting.

misc vector graphics